1. Chester J. Marcinkowski, Theory of Quantized Emission Redshifts in Quasar Radiation

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Volume 14: Pages 183-200, 2001

Theory of Quantized Emission Redshifts in Quasar Radiation

Chester J. Marcinkowski

113 Sargent Drive, Snyder, New York 142264066 U.S.A.

A previous thermodynamic theory is applied to a needleshaped aging optical quasar photon to deduce aging infrared radiation of wavelength λm                          80 μm. The conservation laws require a minimum of m = 4 infrared photons emitted during a burst of aging radiation. These bursts create a sequence of quantized energy levels (and wavelengths) for the aging optical quasar photon as it propagates through space. A distribution of quasar sources at different distances then produces a group of observed quantized redshifts arriving here on Earth. Once we choose m = 4, the only other adjustable parameter is the dimensioncontraction parameter 0 < Εq ≤ 1. This gives the factor by which the length and crosssectional radius of the needleshaped quasar photon are to be reduced from the theoretical dimensions of laboratory photons to provide a quasarphoton volume appropriate for the violent quasar environment. By adjusting theory to agree with the first observed quantized redshift, we find that Εq  1/10. This theory will be applied in a future article to the quantized redshifts observed for quasars.

Keywords: redshifts, quasars

Received: December 4, 1997; Published online: December 15, 2008