3. C. W. Rietdijk, Toward Understandable Models in Microphysics

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Volume 15: Pages 264-289, 2002

Toward Understandable Models in Microphysics

C. W. Rietdijk

Pinellaan 7, 2061 LH Bloemendaal, Netherlands

In 1980 a rough model was proposed of a quantum of action. We elaborate it and introduce various new concepts, such as action quanta as realistic fourdimensional “atoms of occurring,” the action metric, and the relevance of qubits in this context. Inter alia, these refer to the relation of de Broglie “clock ticks” of a compound particle with its components. Our approach allows for (1) an inprinciple explanation of the strong, electromagnetic, and weak forces; (2) mutually coherent models in terms of action quanta of (the existence in time of) elementary particles such as electrons, neutrinos, quarks, protons, W and Z bosons, and photons; (3) making it superfluous to “borrow energy from God” in weak interactions with heavy W or Z particles; (4) a rough explanation of the ratios mp/me′, mw/mμ′, and mμ/me′; and (5) using Noether's formula to produce some simplifying results about observables.

Keywords: quanta, action, understandable models, elementary particles, fundamental forces, fourdimensional realism

Received: February 2, 2001; Published online: December 15, 2008